#Yolanda #Haiyan #ReliefPH (How You Might Be Able to Help)

Our thesis adviser, Dr. Reese Macabebe, is gathering monetary donations to fund deployments of solar photovoltaic systems for cellphone charging, lighting, water filtration, etc. in Typhoon-affected areas in Estancia, Concepcion, Ajuy and nearby towns in Iloilo. To anyone who can, your help in raising funds will really be appreciated, and will help a lot of people. 

If interested, you can send a message to Dr. Reese Macabebe or I can refer you to her. Also,you can help us by sharing this message to people who might be able to help raise the amount needed.

Thank you!


I have purposely restrained myself from posting on this blog since the landfall of Yolanda. I have shared a few articles and photos over Facebook. But I have not really published my thoughts about the devastation. One conversation I had with a friend made me realize that instead of spending time to write a blog that week when relief operations were still on going here in the Ateneo, it is best to spend time helping out in the relief operations — packing relief goods, unloading goods from the truck, loading the vehicles with family packs, loading vehicles with family packs ready to be deployed.

Tonight, I have decided to break my hiatus. I hope to help our mentor/thesis adviser raise funds to help in the recovery of the areas hit by Yolanda.

Whoooops and Whips!

I hereby declare that today, September 30, 2013, is a day dedicated to finish all tasks related to my History 166: Philippine History class. Apart from a comprehensive final exam scheduled next week, we are required to be part of a historical debate and come up with a photo project. These requirements are to be done by group. I am in a group with Ghe Munar, Jigs Sevilla, Jon Mariano, Justine Esguerra and Issa Naguid. Our home departments, Electronics, Computer and Communications Engineering (ECCE) and Department of Information Systems and Computer Science (DISCS) are located in Faura Hall. Hence, we call ourselves Faura Friends.

Ghe, Issa and I were initially set to debate in the first week of September, before Ghe left for France. Unfortunately, there was an error in coming up with the groupings and schedule. There is an odd number of groups and there was not available group to go against us. We were supposed to debate as Government with the motion: “The American annexation of the Philippines was justified over the colonial rule.” Since we had no opponent, our professor decided to let Ghe read her speech. Then Issa and I will be debating on the same topic against a team composed of volunteers from different classes handled by the same professor.

BUT that didn’t happen. Our professor decided that it would be easier if we signed up twice for the second round of debates and just debate on the new motion. (Tsk! Preparation for the first debate went down the drain). But our professor believed that we could pull it off. He was even kind enough to put our whole team in the opposition side. Earlier today, we had to debate as part of the second rounds of debates. Jigs, Justine and Jon battled it out against Team Historectomy. Issa and I went against Team Verbal Conquistadors. We were opposition for both debates on the motion: “This house believes that the Marcos regime was an economic success.”

For both debates, Government skewed the debate to their side by defining economics as macroeconomics. We challenged the definition so as to tackle aspects concerning microeconomics during the regime. We almost bagged the two debates. As our professor put it, we had the right facts, the right arguments but lack the push. But at least we managed to win one out of the two debates.

Having witnessed the first debate where Jigs, Justine and Jon debated, we had an edge in terms of anticipating the arguments of government. But we actually had a good grasp on the matter even during the first debate. But I have to say that I officially suck as the Leader of the Opposition. Although I tried to redeem myself as the Opposition Whip (someone had to speak twice from our team). Jigs and I (as the whip) won as best debaters. Woohoo! Btw, thanks for the photo, Jigs! 🙂


But we have one more group project to finish which is due on Thursday. I was supposed to finish the write-up tonight. But the American Historical Collection closes early so I wasn’t able to finish jotting down the facts I needed for the Philippine Census in 1945.  As a preview of our photo project, here are the photos we have so far. Disclaimer: These are not the photos to be submitted as part of the photo project. These are the ones who did not make the cut. 

IMG_0152 DSC04316

Outfit of the Day – Jakarta: May 16, 2013

When conceptualizing a presentation, I believe that it is necessary to consider the aesthetics of the slides and the visual appeal of the presenters. Since I cannot alter my physical attributes, the next best thing is to find clothes that would look  good on stage or in front of the audience. During the Philippine stage of the competition, we have chosen to wear our school color – BLUE. We have decided to wear of the same color scheme in Indonesia for Schneider Electric’s Go Green in the City – East Asia.


The search for the “perfect” dress… It was Bea Lozada, a co-intern in PLDT, who braved Trinoma with me to look for that single dress. She found what seemed to be the perfect dress in People are People. Thank God for her eye for dresses! 😀 I matched the dress with a pair of nude colored shoes. I tried to achieve a more natural look in terms of make up. (It was all my make up skills could do. LOL!) I wore the Guess watch I got as a present from Tita Grace for my High School graduation and the pair of dangling earrings that I wore on my 18th birthday. To complete the outfit, I wore a Philippine flag pin.


Schneider Electric’s Go Green in the City – Philippines

April 18, 2013 was the day Team Ateneo became Team Philippines. The top 3 teams in the Philippines presented in front of a panel of judges composed of Philippe Reveilhac, President of Schneider Electric Philippines; Martial Beck, VP & General Manager of European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines; and Engr. Homer Martin Ilagan of Schneider Electric Philippines.


One funny thing that happened (that I will never forget) was how I was still in my opening spiel and Philippe kept telling me that I forgot to introduce myself. :))) Team Philippines had a few tricks in the bag that surprised them and made sense at the end of the presentation.



And oh! I got to try sitting on the Philippe’s chair. Tried to feel how it is to be LIKE A BOSS  :))))