Outfit of the Day – Jakarta: May 16, 2013

When conceptualizing a presentation, I believe that it is necessary to consider the aesthetics of the slides and the visual appeal of the presenters. Since I cannot alter my physical attributes, the next best thing is to find clothes that would look  good on stage or in front of the audience. During the Philippine stage of the competition, we have chosen to wear our school color – BLUE. We have decided to wear of the same color scheme in Indonesia for Schneider Electric’s Go Green in the City – East Asia.


The search for the “perfect” dress… It was Bea Lozada, a co-intern in PLDT, who braved Trinoma with me to look for that single dress. She found what seemed to be the perfect dress in People are People. Thank God for her eye for dresses! 😀 I matched the dress with a pair of nude colored shoes. I tried to achieve a more natural look in terms of make up. (It was all my make up skills could do. LOL!) I wore the Guess watch I got as a present from Tita Grace for my High School graduation and the pair of dangling earrings that I wore on my 18th birthday. To complete the outfit, I wore a Philippine flag pin.