Home for the holidays

If there is a season that I would always look forward to, it would always be Christmas. It is a season to celebrate the birth of Jesus, a time of giving (and receiving..Hahaha!), a time when we sing and hear carols, a time to be in the presence of loved ones – friends and family alike.


As a kid, I remember Christmas as a time when I would often be asked: Have you been naughty or nice? I used to look forward to opening the gifts that I received. My family would often go on a trip to Bais or Tanjay to see their Christmas parks with giant Christmas trees. But even as a child I remember Christmas as a time that is spent with family.





After all the adventures and misadventures this year, I’m glad to be back home for Christmas. Nothing beats getting to spend the Christmas with my family here in Dumaguete.

No One Deserves Secondhand Love

Thought Catalog

Don’t settle for secondhand love, for the friend who was there all along. Don’t settle for the one who stuck around regardless just because you knew they would. Just because you knew they would answer your texts late at night, laugh at your jokes, and call you on your bullshit doesn’t mean you love them. Not in that way. Settling for secondhand love wouldn’t be fair to them.

Don’t settle for a friend because it’s convenient, or because you know it will make them happy. Don’t say your heart’s in it when it’s not. It would be cruel to give them false hope, to make them think you’ll change your mind. Logically, you could, because on paper, it makes sense. You make sense together. You could grow to love them the way they want you to, but chances are you won’t.

Emotions and logic aren’t the same thing, and they…

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