#Yolanda #Haiyan #ReliefPH (How You Might Be Able to Help)

Our thesis adviser, Dr. Reese Macabebe, is gathering monetary donations to fund deployments of solar photovoltaic systems for cellphone charging, lighting, water filtration, etc. in Typhoon-affected areas in Estancia, Concepcion, Ajuy and nearby towns in Iloilo. To anyone who can, your help in raising funds will really be appreciated, and will help a lot of people. 

If interested, you can send a message to Dr. Reese Macabebe or I can refer you to her. Also,you can help us by sharing this message to people who might be able to help raise the amount needed.

Thank you!


I have purposely restrained myself from posting on this blog since the landfall of Yolanda. I have shared a few articles and photos over Facebook. But I have not really published my thoughts about the devastation. One conversation I had with a friend made me realize that instead of spending time to write a blog that week when relief operations were still on going here in the Ateneo, it is best to spend time helping out in the relief operations — packing relief goods, unloading goods from the truck, loading the vehicles with family packs, loading vehicles with family packs ready to be deployed.

Tonight, I have decided to break my hiatus. I hope to help our mentor/thesis adviser raise funds to help in the recovery of the areas hit by Yolanda.

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