Les macarons, les fleurs et les les préparations (Macarons, Flowers and the Preparations)

I got to “explore” the neighborhood in Reuil-Malmaison when we walked to and from the Le Hive. On our way back to the hotel after the welcoming event, we walked as a pack. When we got to the point near the metro station, I knew that we would pass by the pâtisserie I saw earlier. I have to admit that I was really looking forward to go inside that pâtisserie and munch on French macarons, tarte Tatin and other pastries. I was really happy that Dongfang, Junduo and Enzo agreed to stop by pâtisserie.
The place is called Boulangerie Deprez-Impala it is located in 2 Avenue Édouard Belin 92500 Rueil-Malmaison, France.  It is just a few steps away from the Rueil-Malmaison RER station. On display
were a variety of pastries , desserts, etc. I ordered a box of macarons. The set cost me around €10.

Fun thing about my experience in buying stuff. I really try to speak even a little French just for them to hear that I am trying. Plus, they know I’m a tourist so they would pardon my wrong grammar and pronunciation. Plus, I had a thing about counting the words/phrases that I spoke in French. So when I bought the box of macarons, I said (at the same time pointing at the macarons): “Un macaron s’il vous plaît.” The woman behind the counter smiled and confirmed if I wanted the whole box. I replied, “Oui.” I paid for the macarons and said “merci beaucoup” when she handed the package. She smiled and said “de rien!” (Success! My basic French skills worked! Hahaha!)
After we all bought what we wanted from the pâtisserie we headed back to the hotel. We  were staying in Novotel which is located in the same avenue. We bumped into our friends from Indonesia, Mita and Adam who were headed to the pâtisserie where we have been. Along the same avenue, we spotted a flower shop. I just couldn’t help but appreciate the beauty of the flowers. We decided to do the most touristy thing – take pictures in front of the flower shop, Fleurs de Reuil. (Side note: One of the pictures taken outside the flower shop was used for a tarpaulin displayed in Cervini Hall and the University dorm  in the Ateneo Residence Halls Complex, where Enzo and I reside.)

After all the touristy stuff, we were finally back in the hotel. I shared the room with Elizaveta Cherkashina while Enzo shared a room with Kirill Abrosimov, both from Team Russia. We all had to prepare for our respective presentations so we decided that Team Russia will work in the girls’ room and Team Philippines will prepare in the other room. While Enzo was soldering parts of our prototype, I was munching on the macarons I bought and also helped in improving the aesthetics of  the prototype. (JSYK, I shared the macarons and did not finish them by myself. ;P ) 

Apparently, the sun sets really late in France. It was already past 10 in the evening yet it seemed like it was still 5 PM in the Philippine setting. Once Enzo was done fixing our prototype, we ran through our presentation. Prior to leaving for France, we had trouble meeting the time limit considering that we had new material added to the stack of slides. It was just a 10-slide presentation, yet we had so much to say that 15 minutes seemed like a really short time. We decided to run through the slides and we were within the  time limit. We ran through it again just to make sure that we were within the specified time limit and we were. We decided to call it a night for us to get some decent sleep. And so as to avoid getting groggy and cranky! >:D So with that, I say: Bonne nuit!

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