Jakarta: Getting there and “The click! “

What makes Team East Asia (comprised of Team Philippines, Team Singapore and Team Indonesia) different is that we have gone through a regional finals. The East Asia Finals of Schneider Electric’s Go Green in the City  was held last May 15 – 17, 2013 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Schneider Electric Philippines flew us to Indonesia in style via Singapore Airlines.


We had to stop by Singapore before we headed to Indonesia. It was nice getting to walk on Singaporean ground (again) for a bit 😀 Ms. Gerilyn Baltan of Scheneider Electric Philippines was with us on our trip to Jakarta.


Considering that I wasn’t able to sleep prior to the flight, I was generally awake the entire flight. I made the most out of the perks of being in an SQ flight. Hahaha! That includes food  and drink. I even had a sip of Chardonnay.


I had my Ateneo Resident Students Association (ARSA) jacket to keep me warm 🙂

Ms. Arifa Lubis of Schneider Electric Indonesia welcomed us upon our arrival. The first new set of friends we made were from Team Vietnam.


Friends from Vietnam (from left to right): Thiên Minh and Thái Xuân Hồng Nhật (with legs raised) and Trần Hải, Trang Hoang, Phan Thị Thu and Do Ly Na (2nd row).

We then headed to Hotel Mulia where all the participants stayed. I kind of tested the feel of the bed before heading to the lobby to meet up for dinner. >:))))


Schneider Electric hosted a welcome dinner Kembang Goela. I say that this was when “the click” happened. We sat with Team Malaysia and it just snowballed after that. 🙂 I can’t explain it but we just got along so quickly. 😉


Dinner with Team Malaysia (Daniel Yong, Loh Hong Khai, Chloe Yap, Ting Ching, Ms. Geri and Enzo (not in the picture). Wei Han Ngan and Ong Chun Keat from ONE Team are busy eating at the table behind Ting Ching. As well as Adam and Mita of Team Indonesia. 🙂

We were then brought back to the hotel. Team Philippines prepped until around 2 am.


P.S. I was not mad but I was just a little groggy because of the lack of sleep! :)))))

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